The Cuchara Chapel is an important part of the Cuchara Community and depends entirely upon the community for financial support.  Beginning with land donated for the purposes of building the Chapel, all of the assets have come from financial contributions from members of the Cuchara community.

The Walkway in the Park, our new altar, our organ and the sound system were all presented as gifts to the Chapel in the name of loved ones over the past few years.

Contributions may be made as a memorial in a loved one's name, or designated to go towards a special purpose such as a gift or item that the Chapel is in need of.
In addition, the Cuchara Scholarship Fund has been instrumental in helping hundreds of deserving graduating seniors of Huerfano County High Schools to further their education at colleges and universities across the United States.

You may make a contribution in any amount you choose by clicking through the Donate Button below. You do not need to be a Paypal member to make a contribution. Please let us know if you intend to give in the name of a loved one, or for a specific purpose in the Chapel.

Or simply send your contribution via
US Mail:

     Cuchara Chapel
     PO Box 796
     La Veta, CO  81055

We thank you for your
generous contribution!
Cleon Flanagan spent his time over the winter designing and building the new Altar for the Cuchara Chapel.

The bottom drawers on each side pull out for the candle lighters to stand on, so they can better reach the candles.

And the center section pulls out to provide a smaller altar which can be used for communnion or weddings, allowing the preacher to conntinue to face the congregation.