For more than half a century the Cuchara Chapel Scholarship program has had as its purpose “the annual solicitation of scholarship applications from graduating seniors of Huerfano County high schools (John Mall HS & La Veta HS), the evaluation of those applications and the awarding of scholarships to those deemed most worthy and most likely to become productive citizens.”


Selection Process

The members of the Scholarship Committee are to receive the completed applications by April 12th. After reading the applicant’s materials a numerical value is assigned based upon how strong the applicant is judged to be. The factors considered are: the applicant’s ability to express their ideas and thoughts, high school academic record, which includes class rank, SAT scores and grade point average, and the content of their letters of recommendation.

The numerical value scale utilized is as follows: Superior applicants may receive from 8 to 10 points. Average applicants may receive from 4 to 7 points. Weak applicants may receive from 0 to 3 points.

Applicants are ranked in descending numerical order and as many scholarships are awarded as funding allows. The scholarships will be announced at a time and place designated by the respective high schools by a member of the Scholarship Committee or the designee of the committee chair. Scholarship recipients must attend a Cuchara Chapel service to receive their scholarship.


Source of Funding

The chapel’s scholarships are funded through the generosity of those who worship at the chapel during the summer, memorial gifts designated for scholarships and contributions by friends of the chapel.

Anyone interested in supporting the financial needs of Huerfano students is welcome to make a contribution of any size. Currently, the value of each scholarship is $1500.00 for first year scholarships and $2000.00 for second, third , and fourth year scholarships and donors are welcome to fund any portion or all of that amount. Those contributing a full scholarship are afforded the opportunity to present a scholarship recipient during a chapel service.

To fund all or a portion of a Cuchara Chapel Scholarship, please turn to our Donate page, or click the donate button below. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

Apply for the Scholarship

If you are a high school senior attending a Huerfano County High School (John Mall HS or La Veta HS), please consider applying for the Cuchara Chapel Scholarship.

The application process is closed for 2022

2022 Scholarship Recipients

First Year Scholarships:

  • Mikah Nix – University of Wyoming 
  • Aaliyah Malden-Reynolds – Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
  • Sam Montalbano – University of Denver
  • Mariah Vigil – Colorado State University, Pueblo

 Second Year Scholarship:

  • Carson Miller – Texas Tech University
  • Matthew White – University of Colorado, Boulder

Third Year Scholarships:

  • Nya Sciacca – Fort Lewis College, Durango

Fourth Year Scholarships:

  • Kaylee Corsentino – Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Eric Morgan – Rocky Mountain College