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07/05/2020 “Loving Your Neighbor Isn’t Optional”
On this holiday weekend, Rev. Don Pike discusses why “Loving Your Neighbor Isn’t Optional.”

June 28 2020 Wandering in the Wilderness
Rev. Deniece Mason discusses “Wandering in the Wilderness.”

June 21 2020 The Other My Enemy
Rev. Matt Gaston examines excerpts from the book, “Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love,” by William H. Willimon

Rev. Clayton Oliphint speaks on “Finding Our Balance”

June 7, 2020
Rev. Holly Gotelli speaks on “Strength”

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Christian Community.

5/24/2020 A Life Worth Living
I’ve been hearing about the “new normal. Without our conscious awareness of it, every day of our life brings a new “new normal.” And every day, we get to choose how we are going to live the latest “new normal.” Will we keep Jesus’ commandments?

5/17/20 – Consider the Lilies

05/10/2020 Mothers’ Day – The Simple Things

Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day!  Today’s Service is lovingly dedicated to all our Moms, those who were mother figures for us, and those who could see possibilities in us that we could not see in ourselves.

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05/03/2020 Are We Living With Purpose?

Today’s talk, “Are We Living with Purpose,” finishes the series based on Marci Shimoff’s book, “Happy for No Reason”.  In her interviews with the Happy 100, Ms. Shimoff heard over and over again that they lived inspired, moment to moment, by a sense of purpose and meaning. Whether working or retired, we can discover our purpose by following the Good Shepherd’s voice.

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