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August 1, 2021

July 25, 2021

July 18, 2021

July 11, 2021

July 4, 2021

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“A Servants Heart”
In this final service at the Cuchara Cyber Chapel, Rev. Eileen discusses the benefits of conscious “eldering,” based on Ron Pevny’s book, “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.”


“No Regrets”
Rev. Eileen discusses the inner work of “No Regrets” as part of becoming a conscious elder, based on Ron Pevny’s work, “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.”


Rev. Eileen continues the series based on Ron Pevny’s book, “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging.”


What Will God Accomplish?
We begin the year of spiritual evolution by using the book, “Conscious Living, Conscious Aging,” by Ron Pevny, as our guide.


A New You
The first service of the year includes the “White Stone” ceremony, where we open to the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the coming year.


The “In Between” Times
Rev. Eileen discuses navigating those “in between” times with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Christmas Eve
The Light of the World


Choose Joy
In this fourth week of Advent, Rev. Eileen discuses how we can uncover the divine attribute of Joy.


Love Everlasting
On this third Sunday in Advent, Rev. Eileen discusses the importance of God’s love in our lives.


Peace Everlasting
On the second Sunday of Advent, Rev. Eileen discusses how we can become present-day peacemakers.


God’s Presence
Rev. Eileen discusses transforming hope to faith in God’s Presence for this first Sunday in Advent.


Neighbors and Strangers
In the first Cuchara “Cyber” Chapel, Rev. Eileen looks more deeply into the Ninth Commandment, “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”


In the Song and the Silence – The 8th Commandment
Rev. Eileen takes a deeper look at the meaning of “You shall not steal.”


In Reverence Hope and Wonder – The 7th Commandment
Rev. Eileen shares the deeper meaning of “You shall not commit adultery.”


The Life We Share – The Sixth Commandment
Rev. Eileen discusses the deeper meaning in “You Shall Not Kill.”


The Gift of Love – The Fifth Word
Rev. Eileen discusses how honoring one’s parents leads to spiritual maturity.


A Day Set Apart
Rev. Eileen discusses the deeper meaning behind “Remember the Sabbath.”


As the Sun Rises
Rev. Eileen discusses the “Third Word” in the “Ten Words” series.


Walk Humbly with God – The Second Word
This is the second part in the Ten Commandments series.


Let Your Light Shine
Rev. Eileen Ramsey discusses letting your light shine.


Learning to Fear Like a Christian
Rev. Matt Gaston continues his series on “Learning to Fear like a Christian.”


Dr. Clayton Oliphant discusses “Hope.”


The Big Picture
Dennis Schurter discusses “The Big Picture.”


A Worthy Prayer
Rev. Dr. Don Goodwin discusses “A Worthy Prayer.”


Are We There Yet?
Rev. Eileen Ramsey discusses “Are We There Yet?”


Are You Hungry for Community?
Dr. Justin Tull asks “Are You Hungry for Community?”

July 19, 2020

“Learning to Wait”
Rev. Jim Tucker discusses “Learning How to Wait – for God”

July 12, 2020

“Name Calling”
Rev. Dennis Schurter discusses the topic of “Name Calling.”


“Loving Your Neighbor Isn’t Optional”
On this holiday weekend, Rev. Don Pike discusses why “Loving Your Neighbor Isn’t Optional.”

June 28 2020

Wandering in the Wilderness
Rev. Deniece Mason discusses “Wandering in the Wilderness.”

June 21 2020

The Other My Enemy
Rev. Matt Gaston examines excerpts from the book, “Fear of the Other: No Fear in Love,” by William H. Willimon

Rev. Clayton Oliphint speaks on “Finding Our Balance”

June 7, 2020

Rev. Holly Gotelli speaks on “Strength”


Today is Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Christian Community.


A Life Worth Living

I’ve been hearing about the “new normal. Without our conscious awareness of it, every day of our life brings a new “new normal.” And every day, we get to choose how we are going to live the latest “new normal.” Will we keep Jesus’ commandments?

5/17/20 – Consider the Lilies

05/10/2020 Mothers’ Day – The Simple Things

Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day!  Today’s Service is lovingly dedicated to all our Moms, those who were mother figures for us, and those who could see possibilities in us that we could not see in ourselves.

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05/03/2020 Are We Living With Purpose?

Today’s talk, “Are We Living with Purpose,” finishes the series based on Marci Shimoff’s book, “Happy for No Reason”.  In her interviews with the Happy 100, Ms. Shimoff heard over and over again that they lived inspired, moment to moment, by a sense of purpose and meaning. Whether working or retired, we can discover our purpose by following the Good Shepherd’s voice.

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